Chair Cover Accessories & Style of Bows.

Satin Sashes...


Our satin sashes look beautiful. They offer more of a bold look than our organza sashes. The bow's tend to sit more rigit. We offer these in a variety of colours. We love using satin in our vintage styles and for wedding's where their colour scheme is more neutral as they help make more of a feature of the bow. We charge the same for satin as we do for organza.


Organza Sashes...


Our organza sashes also look beautiful. These offer a more gentle fabric it doesn't provide a block colour as it is transparent. Organza works well in a variety of colours. It also works well when complemented with more than one organza sash or mixed with a satin.

Butterfly Decor...



Having a butterfly theme? Why not add our stunning butterfly's to your sashes at a cost of £4.25 teamed with our high quality polycotton chair covers.

Flower Decor for your sashes...


Why not add an extra element to the sash by adding a flower. We will fit your cover complete with sash and flower for £4.50 with up to 2 sashes


We stock the following varieties in silks : Georgian Roses in olde english white, White, Pink, Purple, Yellow, Burnt Orange, Red Gerberas, Vintage Pink Roses, Hot Pink and white Calla Lillies, Oriental Lillies in Pink and White and Purple Tullips.  



Round Diamante Buckles for sashes...



Why not add a sparkle to your sashes with our round diamante buckles. We will fit your Polycotton chair covers with 1 sash and 1 buckle for £3.75 and 2 sashes for only £4.00.


These are high quality buckles; they are very smooth so your guests won't be at risk of damaging their clothes with them and they lay very flat so are comfortable to go on the front of the chairs or why not have them on the backs of the bows.



Rectangle Diamante Buckles for sashes....


Why not add a touch of sparkle to your sashes with our rectangle diamante buckles. We will fit your polycotton chair covers with 1 sash and 1 rectangle buckle for £3.75.


These are high quality buckles like our round buckles they are high quality so there are no risk in damaging your clothes so these can go on the front of the chairs or even on the backs of the bows. 


Mix Your Sash Colours... (BACK)


Struggling with picking just one colour or just wanting something different then why not have two colours per chair for your sashes. We would fit your covers with two sashes from £2.25 per chair. These look simply stunning. (£2.25 for lycra chair covers & £3.25 for polycotton chair covers)

Mix Your Sash Colours... (FRONT)



Marlow's just love mixing the colours of the sashes on the front of the chairs. This looks great with a cover underneath or why not dress those beautiful chairs at your venue just with sashes. 



Sashes for the chairs without covers...



If you are happy with the chairs at your wedding venue and you don't want them covering with our chair covers; then why not let us dress them simply with sashes. One sash per chair fitted for £1.00, two sashes for £1.50 and three for £2.00. However you can choose to fit them yourselves from as little as 50p per sash. 

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